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STARDUSTER 1987 Version C Mail Away 375quot Action Figure GI

STARDUSTER 1987 Version C Mail Away 375quot Action Figure GI


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1987 Starduster, Mail Away, Rare G.I. Joe Figures, Jet Pack Trooper, Fumaca

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Steel Brigade (v4) 2014

Starduster (v3) 2009

All Geared Up!

Red Dog (v1) 1987

Steel Brigade v1c features an original head sculpt and re-uses these parts: 1984 Duke's torso, 1983 Airborne's legs, 1983 Gung-Ho's waist and 1983 Flash's ...

1987 Gung-Ho: Marine Dress Blues v2

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Jinx (v1) 1987


Steel Brigade v1 was made available through several mail-in offers beginning in 1987. He came in a sealed baggie with a patch, backpack, and machine gun.

1987 Hasbro G.I. Joe ARAH Carded Action Figure - Sgt. Slaughter's Renegades 3-Pack

1990 GI Joe SHRINKING JOES insert Keel Haul Starduster mail away Cobra JTC P895

1986 Lift Ticket, 1983 Dragonfly, Unproduced Night Force Flint, Midnight Chinese, Star

Versions of Payload

G.I. Joe Rare Starduster Figure Version C from 1987. COMPLETE and UNBROKEN, along with original weapon, helmet, visor plus the hard to find uncut Filecard.

1987 "Chilling Events” interior close up.

Filecard Information

1987 Hasbro G.I. Joe Loose Action Figure - Starduster Mail-Away

The figure mold is unchanged, and the color pallette is similar, which can lead to confusion. But there are several differences of note.

1987 Chilling Events are About to Unfold, Mail Away, Sgt. Slaughter, Hasbro

No good Joe line is complete without mail away figures. The mail away figure Starduster unfortuantely never found much popularity during its initial release ...

Versions of Knockdown

DSCN0023 -

Hawk (v2) G.I. Joe Action Figure - YoJoe Archive Cartoon Games, Cartoon Pics


HCC788 modern & vintage TORPEDO - 1983/2008 - G.I. Joe toys!

Collecting the Art of G.I.Joe: Volumes 1-6 (1982–1994) are available now with a free slipcase!

Foreign Duty

Nemesis Enforcer was only available as part of the "Cobra-La Team" set, featuring three new characters from "G.I. Joe: The Movie".

G.I.Joe Codename: Starduster Jet Pack Trooper Hasbro 1985

It is still factory sealed to the card and in great condition with minimal shelf wear. Custom Action FiguresGi ...

1985 Tomax & Xamot: Crimson Guard Commanders

HCC788 quick shot: 1987 STARDUSTER Jet Pack Trooper - Vintage G.I. Joe toy!

1988 Gi Joe Python Patrol Tele-viper MOC Action Figure 3 3/4 Hasbro

There are very few figures in any toy line ever created that can truly take the place of Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe. He was first released as part of the ...

My Collection Status

In an attempt to sell more of the Battle Force 2000 figures, Hasbro also produced three two packs. Today collector's take great joy in finding both the ...

The 1982 catalog showed off all of the Joe vehicles but the HAL, and introduced the 1982 exclusive, the "Cobra Command Headquarters.

Enlarge Image!

Vintage 1987 GI Joe Jinx Action Figure Almost Complete Hasbro W/ Cardback

1983 Wolverine, 1987 Starduster, JUMP, Jet Pack, Mail Away, 1985,

1987 hot plate featuring Outback (MarshAllan Industries, Inc.)


Female Viper Squad Leader Product Shot 5 by phantro on DeviantArt. Product ShotCustom Action FiguresGi ...

All Geared Up!

Close up 1

Dr. Mindbender (v1) G.I. Joe Action Figure - YoJoe Archive 90s Toys,

GI JOE Hasbro Direct Mail Away STARDUSTER & POCKET PATROL Sealed Factory Bags 1C

1988 Storm Shadow: Ninja v2

Toy Lines[edit]

Box Back

Collect G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero? There's an android app for that!

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The Firebat was re-released as a mail-order vehicle from 1988-1993. Head over to the 1988 Firebat page to learn more.

Stamp Comparison

Name Your Own "Create a Cobra" was made available through a mail-in offer in 1993. He came in a sealed baggie with a gun and a figure stand.

The mystery of Cobra La

Back Comparison

GI Joe: A Real American Hero action figures

Blaster was one of six Battle Force 2000 figures released in 1987. This six figure sub-set was the first of its kind for G.I. Joe.

Cobra Commander (v3) 1987

Cover of Starduster Mini-Comic #2 from Action Stars Cereal.

NOTE: The accessories above did not come with 1991 Desert Scorpion (but they should have). They came with 2004 Sand Scorpion figure.


All sixteen 1982 straight-arm figures were re-released in 1983 with updated swivel-arm articulation. The 1982 straight-arm figures are known as v1, ...


All Geared Up!


TSA VIPR Team In Action in Chicago - AR15.COM Cobra Commander, Gi Joe


Action feature image gallery coming soon!

Ice Viper (v4) 2014

Rapid-Fire is a repaint of the 1988 Super Trooper mail order figure. The helmet and gun are from the same molds as well. Unfortunately, Rapid-Fire did not ...

Arm Variation

Later versions of Copperhead (above, right) had light paint on the gloves and arm bands, and a mix of light and dark on the helmet.

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G.I. Joe Resolute Set Boxed Interior

Now you can own every piece of painted G.I.Joe art from 1982-1994 in six beautiful volumes! Preview all 452 pages at the 3DJoes Book Store!


The Dreadnok Thunder Machine was released in 1986, the same year the Dreadnok Ground Assault set was released at Sears. The Dreadnok Ground Assault Thunder ...

Hasbro Direct mail-in (identified as "Rampage" and did not come with the mouthpiece or soot on face. Identical to Argentinian "Ponta de Lança" figure .

G.I.Joe Action Stars Cereal Starduster offer outside. Scan courtesy of Dan Moore, check out JoeIntel.com!

Below: uncut red back mail away file card. File cards courtesy of Ryan Ihnken.

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Zanzibar's spear and mallet can be stored in the storage holes to the left and right of the seat.

Helmet Detail

1987 Royal Guard: Cobra-La Team

Filecard Information

1987 catalogs and offers

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