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BF TelRay Variable Delay t

BF TelRay Variable Delay t


Avid Tel-Ray Variable Delay Plug-in image 1

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Fender Variable Delay Oil Can Echo Reverb Tel-Ray Adineko

Man, that Tel-Ray plugin is a thing!

It powers up and the seller seems to think the pre amp works although i haven't gone that far (wasn't game to) You'll see why.

"indispensable" plug ins - Gearslutz

Original 1960's Tel-Ray Model 1001 Adineko Add-N-Echo Oil Can Delay


Note that the LFO waveform and LFO speed are not shown, since they don't matter at all with LFO depth set to “OFF” as it is in this patch. Oil Can Delay

Fender Variable Delay Echo - Reverb Demo

1965 Orig Fender Echo Reverb Oil Can Adineko Tel Ray Electronics LA CA Made

Soundtoys Echoboy Jr€55


"indispensable" plug ins - Gearslutz

Avid BF Moogerfooger Plug-in Bundle image 1

Image is loading Catalinbread-Adineko-Oil-Can-Delay-Telray-Morley-Tone-

Fender Echo Reverb Tel Ray oil can delay

Chase Bliss Thermae Analog Delay/Pitch Shifter

Tel Ray Tube Echo Oil Can Delay Reverb Model 1001

Avid BF Pultec Bundle image 1

... JoeMeek bundle | Moogerfooger bundle | Pultec bundle | SansAmp PSA-1 | Slightly Rude Compressor | Tel-Ray Variable Delay | Voce bundle | XPand II


Chase Bliss Audio Wombtone MKII Phaser Recording Studio, Bliss, Rec Rooms, Music Studios

Gerard (support) managed to get me a temporary license of the Complete Plug-In Bundle. Looks like this:

As a small studio, I don't own tons of gear. But what I have is top notch and works great: (All gear available for rental upon request.)

Avid Reel Tape Suite Plug-in Bundle

Echoplex EP-1 & Fender Tel Ray Oilcan Echo

Genelec 1031A Studio Monitors

Pro tools system

Avid BF Classic Compressors Bundle

JHS Pedals Pink Panther Delay Effects Pedal Pink Panthers, Pedalboard, Guitar Pedals, Free

TC Electronic has a legendary reputation when it comes to delay and this legend only continued when we partnered with ProGuitarShop to create the Alter Ego ...

Bomb Factory Guide | Installation (Computer Programs) | Sound Production Technology

DIG - Dual Digital Delay Pedal

Digidesign Digi 003 Factory FireWire Music Production System, New, ...

bUMA RecordZ is a project studio with all the right tools for modern day productions. Here is a list of our equipment.

Digidesign Digi 002

Digidesign 003 Factory image 1

"indispensable" plug ins - Gearslutz

Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall Analog Delay

"indispensable" plug ins - Gearslutz

Digidesign Producer Factory Pro image 1

Morley EVO-1 Oil Can Delay

FS/T: PRO M-Audio DSM3s & Pro Tools 9 + Tons of Plugins

Free The Tone Flight Time Digital Delay

... Fender Echo Reverb Echo Unit Tel Ray 1968 ...

Vintage Fender Variable Delay in for service. #pmsoundtechnology #amptech #amprepair #fenderamps

(1)Pro Tools|HD 2 Accel プラグインリスト


Digidesign MassivePack Pro 8 image 1

Diamond QTL1 Quantum Leap Delay/Modulation

"indispensable" plug ins - Gearslutz

Digidesign Digi 003 Rack+

Digidesign Mbox or Digi Toolbox to Digi 002 Rack Factory Upgrade

In addition to supporting the current Bomb Factory plug-ins Digidesign plans to develop the products in the future, although no details have been released ...

A complete all-in-one computer recording package specifically for guitarists

find your local dealer HERE

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Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall Analog Delay


Plugin Bundle with ilok Weekly 99.00 - Part#:Everything

The S1JL rectifier is still on back order so I'm using replacements. Mouser Part No: 583-FM4005-T for the recitfier. The rectifier is polarized.

Amazon.com: Old Blood Noise Endeavors VERSION 2 Black Fountain Delay Pedal V2: Musical Instruments

Tel Ray Ad N' Echo Oil Can Delay


delay Bluegrass Music, Pedalboard, Guitar Pedals, Bass, Guitars, Instruments, Music

Solid ...

Avid Digidesign Bomb Factory BF Voce Bundle v4 - AAX/TDM/RTAS ilok asset

"indispensable" plug ins - Gearslutz

Welcome To The Green Room. This Studio was primarily designed for vocal overdubs and mixing. We noticed that after bands were finished doing basic tracking ...

Cool Edit Pro Logic Audio

Pro Tools 9 Upgrade

$600 + Shipping OBO

'A Grabaciones Silvestres mantenim una supervisió constant de tots els equips. En el cas. '

Chase Bliss Thermae Analog Delay/Pitch Shifter

Digidesign Digi 003 Rack

Audio Recording Digital Classroom

Avid Bomb Factory BF-3A Pro tools AAX/RTAS/AS iLok asset

Morley EDL Electrostatic Delay Line oil can delay

Avid Digidesign Cosmonaut Voice RTAS Audiosuite iLok asset

Pro tools system